Preparing Children for the Adoption of a Sibling: Recommendations for Families Considering Intercoun

The latest edition of Adoption Advocate, a publication put out by the National Council for Adoption, addresses the issue of preparing siblings for adoption. Find the description and link below:

Prospective adoptive parents are not the only ones who need
to educate and prepare themselves prior to an adoption — any children already
in the home must have the opportunity to learn more about what it might be like
to add a child to the family through adoption. In the June 2013 issue of NCFA's
Adoption Advocate, Laura Beauvais-Godwin addresses common questions
adoptive parents have about these important discussions, providing general
guidelines and suggestions for those considering adoption as a way of adding to
their families. 

to download the PDF of Adoption
 No. 60 or click
 to view the web version.         


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