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Precious in the Sight of God

One of my best friends and his wife just had their first baby last Thursday.  Little Angie was born at 4:01 PM on August 26th, 2010 weighing in at 6 lbs, 12 oz. 

Angie_baby girl 

When I went to visit the happy family this past weekend, I was reminded afresh of the miracle of life and children.  This tiny human being, though not yet even aware it, is made in the very image of our great God.  This little girl, though she currently doesn’t do much of anything beyond eating, sleeping and pooping is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, loved.

I see it in my friend’s eyes when he looks at Angie.  I see it in the simple act of the kisses he bestows on her forehead as he puts her down to sleep.  He would lay down his life for his daughter in an instant.  She might not be able to fully grasp it yet, but I know that she will never be a stranger to being loved.  She has a mommy and daddy (and an Uncle Jason) who will love her unconditionally, who will help her to navigate life, who will show her her need for a Savior, and whose hearts will break when her’s does. 

Will my friends be the perfect parents? No – nobody can be.  Will they joyfully make countless sacrifices to protect and love their little girl throughout her life?  Undoubtedly, yes.

Returning from the hospital, my thoughts drifted back to orphans around the world.  These fatherless children, also created in the image of God, don’t yet know the love of parents.  They have never experienced their dad looking at them with the type of pride and love that is so evident in my friend’s eyes.  They don’t have someone to kiss and rock them to sleep at night.  These children are just as precious in the sight of our Lord as my friends’ child, as your child or as any other child.  Whether a little boy or girl lives in your home or halfway around the world, he or she needs the love of a family.

Help protect and provide a home for fatherless children by joining America World’s Orphan’s Ticket Home campaign.  Through your donation we can work together to help orphaned children know what it truly means to be loved by a father and a mother.

Please don't hesitate to contact me to find out how you can get involved with bringing orphans home, in order to transform them from being fatherless, to being sons and daughters.

In Him,

Jason West, Director of Development


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