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Prayers & Praise – ACT Update from Johnna Wilson

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We have two teams that will be leaving after Christmas to head to Uganda and Ethiopia and all the folks traveling are pumped and excited about the opportunities to serve. Your prayers for the safety and service of these teams would be greatly appreciated.
As team leader for the Uganda trip next week, I have been blown away by God’s hand of providence. We knew we’d be visiting a lot of kids and that taking material donations for all of them would be difficult and expensive. The team made a decision to pay their own trip expenses and use all donated funds to help meet immediate needs of the orphan care ministries we would be visiting. Everyone asked their circle of friends and acquaintances to help us get to a specific monetary goal, thinking it’d be a miracle if we actually got to that number before the trip departure day. Why do we even bother to doubt God and the generosity of His people?! The preparations for our trip have been a prime example of how being obedient to God's Word provokes His blessings and provision. Here is an update from one of my mission team members:
Matthew 19:26 - But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.
When our team found out about one month ago that we would be visiting nearly 400 orphans (by the way, that number has increased to nearly 600 as of last week), we felt overwhelmed. Yes we knew it would be tough to have the energy to play games and show love to that many kids. However, we felt a strong burden to have the resources to provide them “something”. We wanted to meet a need in some way for each kid. Just like Jesus, who shared the gospel message along with healings and food, we wanted to be able to share the gospel message and meet their needs.
James 1:27 talks about visiting the fatherless in their affliction. The Greek word for visit means to scope out the situation. I believe it means scope out to actually do something about it. With the generous giving of so many, we CAN and WILL do something about it. God has touched many hearts to give and when all is said and done, nearly $8,000 will be available to help 600 orphan children. PRAISE THE LORD!!! 
I hope this post strengthens your faith in God as much as it has strengthened our team. The money will be well spent. Lives will be touched. Good works will be done in the name of the Lord. God bless you all!
~ Rob M.
If you would like more information about ACT Mission Trips or how to become a part of a mission team, please visit the ACT Mission Page.

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