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Prayer, our best defense in times of trouble

It’s been an extraordinary week, to say the least.  We’ve seen unprecedented changes made in our society that have left most of us wondering, “what’s next?”

One thing we can all agree on is that God is in control and He knows exactly how this will all end. We can trust in Him, His goodness is unchanging.

Travel to many countries has been delayed. Yet, the fact remains that orphaned children are still at-risk, maybe more than ever before, and those who are adoptable are still waiting. Many have joked that a baby boom is coming after this crisis, we pray that this extra down time at home will also lead people to consider adoption as a way to build their family… and we will then see an adoption boom as well!

We would like to ask everyone to consider a few things related to caring for vulnerable children at this uncertain time:

  1. Consider joining us in prayer or sending in a prayer request  Our staff prays together every morning at 9am and we would love to lift up your specific prayer needs. Please send your confidential request to Our staff looks forward to caring for you in this way. Prayer requests for the children and families we serve will also be posted regularly on our social media accounts starting next week.
  2. Pray for families to begin the adoption process  The number of children who need a safe, loving family is growing daily. Beginning the adoption process now, while many of us are confined to our homes, will allow families the time needed to process the paperwork for adoption. We know that this crisis will end, and restrictions will cease. Click here to learn more.

Thank you for continuing to be an integral part of the America World Family. Together we will continue to change the story for thousands of at-risk children around the world.


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