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post-adoption report

Post-Adoption Reporting: Future Adoptions Depend On It

It is that time of year again to raise awareness about the importance of the Post-Adoption Report!

While the majority of America World families do a great job with fulfilling their post-adoption reporting requirements, we are glad to partner with other adoption agencies around the nation and the U.S. Department of State to highlight this important issue.

Post-adoption reporting is vital to the future of international adoptions as both foreign countries and the Department of State look closely at the compliance of reporting as a measure of the overall success of international adoption. The adoption of future generations of orphaned children around the world is greatly influenced by the post-adoption report of American families today.

We are glad to help with that, even if you (or someone you know) are years late, or if your agency closed.

The specific requirements vary from country to country, can be detailed, and may extend until adopted children turn 18 (or even older in a few rare cases). Information on country-specific requirements can be found on the Department of State’s Post-Adoption Reporting Overview.

Please reach out to us at, or 800-429-3369 for help with doing your reports.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of those families who have faithfully submitted your reports on-time! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Also, if you are struggling, ANYWHERE in the world as ANY type of adoptive family, we have support groups and clinically trained staff ready to assist you individually through video-conference. Email for more information.

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