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Please Support CHIFF Legislation

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We know that the difficulty of international adoption has had a direct impact on everyone who has completed an adoption or is still in the process. To our readers that haven't experienced adoption, you probably know a family that has, or you're aware of the challenges associated with this process. We all know that the safest place for a child is with a family, and that every child deserves a family. This is a basic human right!
This isn't the first time we've blogged about the bill in Congress called Children in Families First act, which establishes an office in the Department of State to implement effective child welfare systems. But, today we ask in unity with with other adoption agencies, non-profits, advocate groups, and individuals who are standing together this week behind the message that CHIFF is essential for the future of our children. 
If this bill does not get out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by August, there is a great chance this bill will die, as will the hope of future generations of children to receive the life-changing love of a family.
Please spread this word to your family, friends, neighbors and associates. Blanket social media, sign petitions, call lawmakers and encourage others to join the cause. The links below contain an action plan and materials, created by our friends at All God's Children International, that can be easily shared with others to explain CHIFF and why it is so important to see it get passed. 
Let our voices be heard through the halls of the capitol building, that the devastating effects of neglect, institutionalism and abandonment must be stopped for all children worldwide. These vulnerable children cannot speak up for CHIFF, but together we can be their voice.

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