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The U.S. State Department has proposed new rules regulating intercountry adoption that will drastically impact the ability for orphaned children abroad to be adopted.  These rules would restrict the number of agencies working in foreign countries and are motivated by an anti-adoption agenda.

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The Petition:

We the People hereby petition our government to immediately withdraw the proposed rules published on September 8, 2016 changing the accreditation standards and procedures for intercountry adoptions; and that the State Department be required to identify and substantiate what problems they seek to solve by proposing these rule changes and incorporate the expertise of the adoption community prior to formulating any necessary new rules. The number of intercountry adoptions to the United States has fallen by 75% since 2004, leaving hundreds of thousands of orphans without safe, stable and loving families.


Read the 5 point letter written by adoption professionals & attorneys

Read the State Department's proposed rule changes

Get more information about these changes at





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