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Please Join Us As We Pray for Haiti

Please Join Us As We Pray for Haiti

Hurricane Irma, a category 5 storm, is moving through the Caribbean and is projected to make landfall along the northern coast of Haiti on Thursday. The US Embassy in Port-au-Prince has issued repeated warnings that the entire island will sustain high winds and heavy rainfall. The wind and rain may result in any combination of life-threatening floods, mudslides and storm surge across the country, including Port-au-Prince, which is at sea level. 
For those who have visited or served in Haiti, the potential damage from Hurricane Irma is almost incomprehensible, especially so close on the heels of Hurricane Matthew which blew through the southern peninsula of Haiti less than a year ago. 


It is likely that orphanages will sustain similar damage as they did from Hurricane Matthew: flooding, structural damage, contaminated water supply, loss of food and medical supplies, etc. 
There are several ways you can join us in serving Haiti: 


  • Please pray for the protection and safety of Haiti from Hurricane Irma. Pray that people would be able to find stable and secure shelter away from the high winds and heavy rainfall. Pray that the storm would cut farther away from Haiti and loss of any kind would be minimal. Pray for comfort for the Haitian people as they sustain yet another natural disaster. Praise God for their resilience and ask for a hedge of protection to be on them! 
  • Please pray for families adopting from Haiti as the separation from their children during this storm is especially hard! Pray for comfort and protection for their children, and for the orphanage staff members in Haiti caring for them. 
  • There will very likely be additional opportunities to respond through disaster relief teams and giving once the damage and needs have been assessed. Please stay tuned for updates!


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