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Please help us speak up for Timothy today

Today a One Orphan team member took a few moments to share about a pretty spectacular little guy. Please read and help us share Timothy's story with your circle of influence.


Timothy. Where in the whole wide world do I start with Timothy? There are so many things that can be said about this child. We were first told that he couldn’t speak. Imagine our surprise when the very first afternoon we listed more than 25 words that he spoke IN ENGLISH. He led team members around the room and instructed them to “sit” in a particular chair…unless you had a pen and paper in your hands; then you were safe. If you got up from your chair, he would take your hand, lead you back to “your” chair and instruct you to sit. And this was on the first day! This was a continuing trend and especially funny on Thursday when Dr. Ashlin came in the room from where she had been conducting medical exams. Timothy took her by the hand and put her back out where she been sitting the previous days.

He is not shy AT ALL and loved to jump on our backs for pictures or to be given a ride around the room.  When I say he is all boy, I mean that he is all boy. He also loves music. Day one found us singing “Let It Go” and watching Frozen. I brought my flute in one day and his little hands made their way to the instrument to “help” me play. On the bus one morning heading to the orphanage (we picked up the foster siblings each morning), the driver was playing music. Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” came on and much to our delight, he played air guitar and sang “beat it”! There were many, many other laughs with him throughout the week. He is an entertainer for sure.   


Timothy is a 7 year old boy diagnosed with Down Syndrome and has had an anal atresia surgery. Timothy lives with three foster siblings, whom he gets along well with, and enjoys playing with play doh, being outside on the playground, and playing with blocks. He has age appropriate speech and understanding, can follow instructions, helps assist the younger children at meal time, can feed himself, and can put on his own shoes and zip/unzip, but needs a little assistance when getting dressed. He is a problem solver and he knows some sign language as well. Timothy does wear glasses, but appears to have good corrected eyesight with his glasses.

Timothy is a fun, sweet boy that is in need of a forever family to bring out all of his potential. Timothy is designated by China as special focus which means a family at any stage of adoption is eligible to review his file or pursue his adoption. Please consider taking 3-5 minutes to fill out a FREE pre-application to see if you qualify for China or contact our staff by email at or by phone at 800-429-3369. Our staff would be happy to assist you and share more about this fun-loving little guy.

Please help us advocate for Timothy by sharing this with your circles of influence. Together, we can help find Timothy’s family!


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