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Please help us speak up for Clovis, he is waiting for his forever family

At America World we strive to advocate for each and every child. Every child has a story that deserves to be told. Today we are sharing One Orphan team member Layla's account of Clovis. Please help us speak up for him by sharing. Clovis has been diagnosed with Kabuki syndrome, congenital heart defect and has some hand and feet malformations. 

The first time I saw Clovis I was amazed by his talents. Even though he has webbed hands, he was able to play on a small portable piano, make a perfect snail out of play dough (without any help!), and hold two little shakers in his hands to perform in an instrumental song. Throughout the performance he was amazing and a great leader for the little kids.


He is a very loving kid shown by his beautiful smile, and his kindness to all his friends. Clovis is a helpful child who will help you clean floors, windows, make the bed, and clean/set up the dinner table. He is a hard worker who does not let his hands get in the way of what he wants to accomplish. One of the most touching moments I had with Clovis was on the ride back to our hotel from the zoo. I had not hung out with Clovis until he came up to me and took ahold of my hand. He was a little shy and did not talk on the bus; instead, just looked out the window while holding my hands. At some point I realized that he had been crying, because I had taken his hands even though they were webbed.

If you have considered adoption, please consider this boy who just wants to be loved- hands and all.

For more photos and to review Clovis’ complete file, please contact or call us at 800-429-3369. We’d love to share even more about this precious boy with you and connect you with others who have met him and have even more stories to share! A family at any stage of the process is eligible to pursue Clovis' adoption. Please join us in being an advocate for Clovis by helping to share his story with others. 

Together, we can help him find his forever family.

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