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Please help us speak up for baby Edward

Please help us speak up for baby Edward

Meet Baby Edward. What’s not to love about this tiny little guy and cute little face?  Edward is a sweet infant who just turned 7-months-old this past week! Edward, like any baby, loves his bottle of milk, and enjoys napping and being held by his caregivers. Edward’s file notes that he has moderate sleep, can visually track objects/toys and loves to lie on his bed and kick his feet. Like most babies, he likes sucking on his fingers. His medical exam, which was recorded when he was around 6-weeks-old, noted that everything medically looked good and he appeared healthy, but that he seemed to have slight low muscle tone and was diagnosed with Down syndrome. 
Edward is from one of our partner orphanages and is a special focus referral, which means a family at any stage of the process is able to consider his adoption. We have team members who have also visited his orphanage and are able to share more about his orphanage with any family reviewing his file. 

If your family is interested in learning more about baby Edward and considering his adoption or considering an adoption from China, please contact our China staff at for more information. Families can view our China Waiting Children Webpage for more information on children currently available and waiting for families.

** We’d love your help advocating! If you know of others within your circle of influence who are interested in adopting a child with Down syndrome, please feel free to forward this post and help us find a family for this sweet boy! Families can learn more about Down syndrome adoption and children in China who are waiting for a family by visiting AWAA’s Down syndrome Page.

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