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Please help us share Gideon’s story today!

Gideon is a 9 year old boy with a sweet smile and a reserved personality.  He is very close to his foster parents and foster brothers.  Gideon's favorites include puzzles, veggies and meat, and the color yellow.  He proudly shows off his ability to recite poetry.  Gideon especially enjoyed riding the children's rides at the mall.  He got into the competitive spirit during our “Olympic Games,” working hard to win his obstacle course race.  The team noted that he has a sweet and happy disposition and energizes those around him. 


One team member shared this about him:  “I had the privilege of sitting next to Gideon on a few of our bus rides. He is a quiet boy, but he is very sweet and smart. On each of our bus rides, he loved looking out the window, taking it all in.  Although he appears shy, throughout my time with him I was able to see sparks of joy, happiness, and a great smile. I can tell that he loves His foster father very much. They are always holding hands, and it is obvious that he cares about Gideon very much. Gideon is a precious little boy who would continue to thrive with the attention and love of a family.”


Gideon received surgery to repair a spinal meningocele and he has recovered well.  He is able to walk without braces.  The team who worked with him noted that he has better physical development than other children his age, but that his mental development is a bit delayed.  Gideon is a child from our Journey of Hope program and is listed as a Special Focus child by China, which means a family at any stage of interest or at any stage in the adoption process is eligible to consider his adoption. Please submit a FREE Pre-Application to determine your eligibility or to inquire about Gideon. You may also reach our staff at or 800-429-3369.

Please join us as an advocate and help us spread Gideon’s story- together we can help find this sweet child’s forever family.

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