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Please help us advocate for June, she is waiting for her forever family!

We are excited to share about precious June today. A recent One Orphan team member spent time with her and took a few minutes to share her story today. Please read and help us advocate.

June is a conscientious, attentive child. When I asked about favorite foods, June seemed surprised and responded, “All foods are good!” June really likes dancing and singing, and was an excellent performer in the opening program the children prepared for us, showing off a great memory for lyrics and movements. In addition, June helped the smaller children stay in their proper places during the performance, like a seasoned stage manager. June likes blue and yellow best, and enjoys calligraphy and Chinese knot crafts, but does not like basketball. She likes to draw and my notebook is decorated with some really cute cartoons from our time together during the bus ride to the zoo, thanks to June's artistic talents, and also an elegant braided knot that I will treasure forever!


During our field trip to the store, June stayed with me and a group of young boys. I was not allowed to carry a package or worry about where any children were. June is an expert shopper, and had to be strongly encouraged to choose an item after helping the younger children make their choices. Going through the checkout line was confusing for me, but June handled the details, helped me get a bag, carried everything, all the while keeping the group together.

We sat to wait for the small children to visit the restroom, and June and my daughter played patty-cake. Even when Ginny messed up the pattern, June followed like a trooper, with a friendly chuckle, and no rhythms were too complicated. June is a rare person who loves to work, seeks it out, and finds joy in pouring energy into a task. June is always purposeful, looking for work to do or ways to be helpful, hurrying to be right where help is needed, but working carefully and deliberately.


June is a good helper, attends orphanage school, works hard and understands her teacher's instruction. She has a great attention span and pays close attention. She also shows good manners. Although she has deep emotion for her foster family, she hopes to have a permanent home in which her parents love her. She knows she would face new dynamic like a new environment with strangers around and language barrier, but she has prepared. Her orphanage has set up a related class to help her adapt to her foster family quickly, so they feel she will adjust in a new family well. June needs parents, and I think any family would quickly start to wonder how they got along without the energy June will bring to a family.

June has been diagnosed with adrenal cortical hyperplasia and in addition, there are some unknowns related to her gender that would need to be further tested and confirmed based on observations and what is noted in her file. June is a special focus designated file and any family at any stage of the adoption process is eligible to review her file.

There is a $5,000 subsidy towards June’s adoption costs for the family who desires to have June become part of their family. Please contact if you are interested in learning more about June. 

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