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Please help us advocate for Janie today!

Please join us today as we speak up for Janie. A fun-living little girl who is waiting for her forever family. One Orphan advocacy team member Jessica took a few moments to share about precious Janie today.

Janie 2--edited

Miss Janie is a sweet girl who enjoys participating in fun activities such as group games, singing, dancing, and mini obstacle courses. She has a good memory for things she enjoys and people she likes. Janie may come across as shy at first but once she has warmed up to you she shares her beautiful smile and laughter. Janie really likes posing for pictures making short video clips of herself and being included in fun activities with her peers. Janie does well at feeding herself softer foods with a spoon, wiping her face, opening small packages such as tissues, walking long distances, running short distances, memorizing hand motions for songs, sitting still quietly when asked to, and participating in activities when she is invited to do so as well. Janie wants to be included in activities with others and did a great job performing a choreographed dance while at our Hope Journey camp. Janie is proud of herself when she has accomplished something she enjoys doing. Janie has an easy going disposition and wants to enjoy life.

Jessica's favorite memories with Janie:

“I had the honor of spending time with sweet Janie over the course of a week watching her carefully, but passionately, perform her dances she had practiced so hard on, holding her gentle hand while we walked through the zoo admiring the animals, and watching her light up the room when she was called to participate in a race on sports day. My favorite moment with Janie was when I watched her excitedly run across the finish line after she completed her obstacle race on sports day. Words cannot adequately describe the pure joy that swept across her sweet face as cheers from the nannies, her peers, and our team continued to fill the room. Janie has a beautiful and contagiously joyous spirit and needs the love of a family willing to cheer her on, include her in fun activities, and show her how much she is valued and precious she is.”

Janie is fearfully and wonderfully made.  She is absolutely precious and deserves a family of her very own.  Janie has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has a hemangioma located on her hip.

Janie has a $5,000 subsidy towards her adoption. Janie’s file is designated by China as special focus, which means a family at any stage of the adoption process can inquire and review her file.

Please submit a FREE Pre-Application to determine your eligibility or to inquire about Janie. You may also reach our staff at or 800-429-3369.

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