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Please help us advocate for Eli today!

Please help us advocate for Eli today!

Eli is an adorable almost 10-year-old boy who is strong and determined! He likes to listen to music and nod along to the rhythm. Eli has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. At the age of 1.5, he could use his elbows to support his upper body and reach out his hands for objects, roll over, and sit alone freely. By the age of 3, he could crawl for a long distance and started receiving therapy. He can use his hands to pick up small objects. By the age of 4.5, his report notes that he had great development under the therapist’s training. He could sit steadily, keep balance and turn his body freely, and stand for a short time while holding something. By 5.5 years, he could climb in and out of the wheelchair and move the chair forward and backward. At 9 years old now, he has made great progress and can now dress himself, use the restroom alone, wash his face, feed himself,, and knows many words. He cannot walk, but he is able to crawl easily and uses a wheelchair without help. He adapts well to new environments and asks for help when he needs it. Eli is a sweetheart and enjoys helping take care of the other children in the orphanage. When they cry, he will stroke their faces to gently comfort them.

Eli is from one of our orphanage partnerships and his file is designated as special focus, so families at any stage of the process can be considered for matching. Please commit to praying over Eli and sharing his story during the Season of Hope. We can all do something to stand in the gap for a waiting child. Please contact us at for more information.

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