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A Story of Hope for our Season of Hope

God has a plan for us and gives us ‘a hope and a future’ (Jeremiah 29:11)!  This is the story of hope that the Pilato family shares with us below during our Season of Hope.

I remember the day AJ told me we wouldn’t continue on with IVF treatments. I crumbled and let a deep dark wave of hopelessness wash over me for that day. I felt IVF was the only way we were going to become the mom and dad we so longed to be and now it was gone.

Knowing I couldn’t stay in the mindset of despair if the Lord was going to work something beautiful and glorious out of such a hopeless situation, I pressed into the Word and began speaking out the desired result. Years passed—friends, neighbors, family members had started their families and added to them. It felt so discouraging at times, but we had a deep-rooted seed of faith growing in us to keep pressing into the Lord and trusting Him even when we didn’t understand.

AJ and I knew we had to stay focused on what the Word said and who the Lord said we are and not what was playing out in front of us. Little did we know, two little lives in probably the most hopeless situation anyone could ever be in were being handpicked by the Lord to be ours.

Thousands of miles away on the other side of the world, the Lord was preparing the hearts of these children to be ours all the while giving us the stirring in our own hearts to pursue them. Every step toward adopting them was met with fear, apprehension, and weariness, but we chose to keep beholding the provision, peace, and love of God through it all.

What an amazing God we served that he took the hopelessness of our situation and the hopelessness of two babies without a single person in the world and grafted us together to become a family. Only God can do that!

If we had not been obedient to stay anchored in the Word and in His promises we would have missed the greatest gift ever given to us! He didn’t leave any of us in our most destitute situations. Cling to hope, cling to the Word—He is faithful always!

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.
John 14:18

china adoption

For the past 25 years, America World has been committed to building families according to God’s design of adoption while caring for vulnerable children around the world.

The Season of Hope is a time when we focus on the blessings of adoption, the work yet to be done in caring for the fatherless of this world and invite our friends, families, churches, and businesses to partner financially.

All proceeds will go towards helping America World bring more orphans into loving Christian families.

All tax-deductible gifts given during this time will be matched up to $125,000 thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor.

Our entire staff wishes you and your family much joy and HOPE this Christmas Season!

season of hope

America World is a non profit Christian adoption agency that has faithfully helped bring orphaned children home to Christian families for the past 25 years. We not only provide adoption services; we also provide counseling to post-adoptive families, advocate for orphan awareness send skilled teams to support the care for vulnerable children the globe.

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