Photos Needed!

There is just about one month to send in your pictures for our annual calendar. We have been enjoying the wonderful pictures so far and look forward to recieving many more.

If you would like your pictures to be considered, email with
them attached. We would like pictures that represent all four seasons
of the year.

The requirements are:

  • Up to 5 pictures
  • Size minimum: 1 MB
  • High quality- we can’t use photos that
    are blurry, unfocused, or have a busy background
  • Can include one or multiple family members
  • Signed Media Consent Form- if you haven’t yet
    filled one out, it can be found here. If you
    have, no need to send another

Please include the names of all persons pictured as well as
country of adoption. The last day to submit is Friday, October 4. 

Additionally, we are asking families to pre-order a calendar so we have your current address. Be sure to fill out your entire mailing address in the “address” field: Calendar Request Form


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