Paxton Needs a Mom & a Dad

Paxton 1a
Paxton may look familiar to you as we first shared his information on March 27th. Paxton continues to wait for a family to be matched.  He likes to play with toys that have lights. He is learning to speak and likes to communicate with people.

He has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and post-operative spinal meningocele. His care takers describe him as a smart boy.

Paxton 1
Paxton is on the CCCWA's shared referral list. He is from one of America World’s orphanage partnerships and is designated by the CCCWA as a Special Focus child. A family in any stage of the adoption process is eligible to review his file.

Any family interested in adopting Paxton can fill out a free pre-application to begin the process with our Intake department, which is required to begin moving forward. Questions about Paxton can be directed to our China staff at or 800-429-3369.




#BeAStoryteller for Paxton!

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