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Paul Needs Storytellers!

Paul 2
Paul was added to our China Waiting Child pages quite some time ago and is still waiting for his forever family.  Will you continue praying for him, sharing his information and telling his story so he can join his family soon?

Paul is an energetic boy. His caretakers say that he is clever and likes playing games. Paul has a vision impairment. His file states that during his medical exam, he did not respond to objects in front of him and they diagnosed him as blind. Paul lives in a foster family and attended Half the Sky’s education program beginning May 2008. He really enjoys attending a school for blind children and his foster mother explains that he is very dedicated to being independent despite his vision impairment. He likes to wash himself, dress himself, and help serve dinner without help. He is a very affectionate child and has stated that he wants to be adopted.

Paul 1
Paul's pictures are a few years old but a family reviewing his file would be able to obtain updated information and pictures of him.

Paul’s file is from one of our orphanage partnerships.  He is designated by the CCCWA as a Special Focus child so a family at any stage of the adoption process is eligible to review his file.

Contact our China staff at 800-429-3369 or to get more information about adopting Paul.


#BeAStoryteller for Paul


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