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Paul needs a family to call his own

Paul needs a family to call his own

Last fall, America World had teams travel to several orphanages to meet the children there and come home to share their stories. Our story today is about a precious 6 year old boy we call Paul. 

In October I paid a visit to South China to a foster care center. It was there that I met Paul, a boy with the sweetest smile I have ever seen. Oh yes, and the disposition to go with it. Paul has been living in foster care since he was 4 months. He is learning age appropriate skills like dressing, grooming, and bathing. Paul loves to play and interact with other children and his caregivers. We played many games and Paul wanted to be part of them all, entering into everything with his engaging smile. Paul has Down Syndrome and may be a little slow learning some things, but he does learn them. He can speak Chinese and understands both Chinese and English. He seems to be developing appropriately for a child his age.
Paul loves to run, jump, and play ball and generally seems like a happy kid. He follows instructions; he listens and follows multi step instructions. We were playing a game with a parachute and Paul joined in to make the ball go around the parachute. We were having such fun and there is Paul with that big smile on his face. Paul’s caregiver told me he expresses emotions appropriately as well as has good coping skills. When he is sad he goes to caregiver for comfort and loves to be held and hugged. I look at pictures of Paul as I write this praying that a family will come forward with a heart bursting to bring Paul into their home. I know they will be thoroughly enriched by walking alongside this little boy as he grows and they get to know him as their son.

If you are interested in learning more about Paul, please contact us at His file is designated as Special Focus so someone at any stage of the adoption process may be eligible to review his file. Please help us share Paul’s story!



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