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Our Work Continues in Ethiopia

By Melinda Sallé, Development Project Coordinator

In 2018, Ethiopia closed its doors to international adoption. America World did not want to abandon the vulnerable children we served there, so we have found new ways to show Christ’s love in that country. Currently, we have two programs in Ethiopia: our transitional home for teen girls, Bete Hosanna, and our Family Empowerment Program.

Bete Hosanna

Bete Hosanna Residents - EthiopiaIn Ethiopia, when an orphaned girl turns 18, she is no longer allowed to live in the orphanage and is put out onto the street. Bete Hosanna takes these girls in and allows them to learn the life skills they need to survive in Ethiopia on their own. Since 2019, God has provided so well for each girl that has walked through the gates into Bete Hosanna. They leave behind a world of uncertainty, trauma, and fear and move into a space of hope and healing.

Our first group of girls graduated in the summer of 2021 and are on their own and doing well. Life is not easy in Ethiopia, so they continue to work very hard for everything there. Prices have increased significantly, making food and basic living expenses much higher than a year ago. We check on them often, and they come “home” to visit on holidays and stop by regularly to hang out with their friends living at Bete Hosanna.

We currently have eight amazing 18-year-old girls living at Bete Hosanna. They are so joyful and eager to learn. They have truly bonded like House Momssisters and are encouraging and supportive of each other. They also LOVE to have fun and are always teasing and joking around with one another.

Four Ethiopian house moms take care of the girls and teach them daily. The girls have chosen career paths that interest them, and we provide education for them in their fields of choice. Taking care of a home, learning to host guests in their home, and cooking and shopping are all a part of the program. A Bible teacher comes twice a week to have lessons with the girls as they develop a deeper relationship with God and their understanding of His Word. All the girls now have jobs and are working hard to save money in their bank accounts. Their graduation from our program will be in the spring. They work every day except Saturday and Sunday.

Family Empowerment Program

Family Empowerment in EthiopiaOur Family Empowerment Program assists families struggling to care for their children. We support them financially through donors like you so they can feed and continue caring for their children. Many of these families are single moms and dads, grandparents as the primary caregiver, or parents caring for special needs children. We hope to expand this program in the future to include more resources for our families there.


How You Can Help

Donate to our Season of Hope campaign if you’d like to support our efforts in Ethiopia and more. Any amount you can give helps make a difference in the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, and families!

Tax-deductible gifts can also be mailed via check to:

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Thank you, again, for being a vital part of our family and ministry. We could not do this work without your support!

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