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Our Journey to Madalyn


Adoptive mom Amy, an AW Advocate, shares the story of her family's adoption to bring home a waiting child from China. Find out how you can also Be a Storyteller! 

In April 2007, we started our adoption journey for Madalyn. We completed the paperwork and the home studies to adopt a healthy little girl from China. Then we waited, waited, and waited. In 2010, we felt like God wanted us to switch over to the waiting child (special needs) program, so we spent a lot of time praying. After talking to our adoption agency about the different special needs that were available we then spent time researching the special needs, talking with doctors, and praying some more. In May 2010, we entered the waiting child program.

On July 19, 2010, we recieved a phone call from AW. Our family coordinator said, I have a file on a little girl I think you might want to review. She then asked if we would like for her to send us the file! I said YES! I couldn't wait to see the face of our soon to be precious daughter we had prayed for and wait on for so long! It was love a first sight! I was ready to go to China and bring her home! I am so thankful we said yes to adoption and to the waiting child (special needs) program! When I look at our precious daughter, I don't see a child with a special need- I see a beautiful, smart, silly, bundle of energy, who never meets a stranger, and is always ready to give the biggest hugs!


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