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Oskar is waiting for his forever family!

Let me tell you about this 6 ½ year old’s sweet smile. Oskar was the first child that I connected to. It was our first day and as I dropped to my knees and started to play, this smile is what I saw. This kid could light the world with that smile! Oskar is so bright, sweet and so determined. I played with him and the other children all morning, when we came back from lunch I was speaking with another team member and he crawled over and started yanking off my shoes. This kid can move and his strength of will is very apparent. I was sitting on the steps of a building and he wanted something from me, this boy without support of braces walked to me, the distance about 10 feet. He has two foster brothers and one foster sister that he seems to get along with great! He lives with a German foster family. He loves to play with playdoh, blocks, and joins in on what others are doing when in a group setting.


He does require assistance to do certain things and has some limited verbal ability (based on our team’s observations) although was still able to sing along to Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ when it played. He can grasp objects, untie/unzip, lace/unlace, unbuckle, and sort objects. He played “ring around the rosie†and “duck duck goose†with our team. He was observed going up stairs and navigating a slide and the playground with no issue. Though he may need and ask for assistance for certain things, he does not let cerebral palsy slow him down. He can point to objects, body parts, and recognize colors when asked.


This child with his sunny smile and fantastic personality holds a huge place in my heart. He is so ready for his new family. Will that be you? Oskar is a child from our Journey of Hope program and is listed as a Special Focus child by China, which means a family at any stage of interest or at any stage in the adoption process is eligible to consider his adoption.
Please submit a FREE Pre-Application to determine your eligibility or to inquire about Oskar. You may also reach our staff at or 800-429-3369.

Please join us as an advocate and help us spread Oskar’s story- together we can help find this sweet child’s forever family.

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