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Orphan Sunday

Orphan Sunday 2013

Orphan Sunday is November 3, 2013. On this day, all across the United States and the world, churches will remember the plight of the orphan and consider the church's role in caring for the fatherless. 

If you are looking for resources, head over to the official Orphan Sunday website. Here you'll find event ideas, videos, promotional posters, prayer guides, and much more. 

America World can also provide some of our materials to distribute that will give an overview of our agency and the adoption programs we offer. To request materials, tell us about your event using this form. Because of the high volume of requests we receive around this time of year, we will not be able to honor requests made the week before, and our ability to respond will also be based on availability of materials. Please order early! 

It's wonderful to see so many AW families live out the gospel and get involved in Orphan Sunday, and we are happy to help in any way we can. 

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