Orphan Sunday 2012

Orphan Sunday 2012 will take place on November 4 in churches not only across the United States, but across the globe. Orphan Sunday started when an American traveling in Zambia encountered a local pastor's passionate plead for his congregation to assist their AIDS-ravaged community. Many came forward with food, money, even their own shoes to help the orphans left behind by tragedy. 

This year, Orphan Sunday returns to its roots and will simulcast various events happening in Zambia and testimonies of how God is moving on behalf of orphans from other international locations.

Check out the Orphan Sunday website for a multitude of resources that your church, large or small, can use to hold your own event. Additionally, you'll want to watch this year's video!

Orphan Sunday 2012 from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.


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