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Orphan Care = Life Changing

This post is intended neither as a movie review nor recommendation; however, I was recently reminded of the computer animated film, Despicable Me, when one of my youngest sisters requested this movie on her oh-so-sacred Christmas list (we saw the movie together in theaters this past summer).  If you are considering watching this movie, you can see what other adoptive families are saying, both positives and potential concerns, on's forum, to help you make an informed decision.

The quick synopsis of the movie (without giving too much away): A supervillan, Gru, adopts 3 orphaned girls for his own selfish gain.  As the movie progresses, despite the lead character's ignoble intentions, these girls transform his perspective on what's truly important.  Gru goes from being obsessed with pulling off “the crime of the century” to being willing to give up everything in order to protect and be with his girls.  The movie's tagline says it all: “Superbad. Superdad.”

James, brother of Jesus, calls the act of caring for orphans ”pure religion” (James 1:27), because he knew that when we serve and love the fatherless (“the least of these”), we are actually doing it for our King. (Matthew 25:35-40)  We are simply echoing the heart of the Father.  Because this act is so dear to the heart of God, it has an incredibly large impact on the lives of those who participate in His plan.  Even the producing industries: Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, two secular companies, cannot help but recognize that adoption and orphan care is powerful and life-changing (as shown in the movie).

Our Orphan's Ticket Home campaign is America World's effort to help families, churches and individuals easily begin getting involved with caring for orphans in simple ways and showing love to those who don't have hope.  No matter who you are – an Average Joe or an evil genius – caring for orphans  and advocating on their behalf will deeply enrich your life.


Jason West, Director of Development


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