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Oregon Family Reunion 2010

The Northwest is truly the most beautiful part of the country during the summer.  What was even more beautiful was the day AWAA-OR and WA held their annual Summer Reunion Picnic.  There is nothing better than seeing a large group of children from around the world come together and play.  It was the sight of answered prayers, years of waiting, and happy hearts.  While I helped most of these families come together, there were families present whose adoption was completed years ago.  Everyone just wanted to be a part of the group as a whole. 

This past August, we had 21 families and I lost count at the number of children.  Families came from as far north as Seattle, Washington (3.5 hours away) and as far south as Klamath Falls, Oregon (5 hours away).  I was able to connect several families with each other and many email addresses were exchanged.  Waiting families heard stories of success from families whose adoptions were completed, and finalized family had fun sharing their in country experiences.  Some families got the “adoption bug†again and I hope to see their applications soon.

The Northwest is now home to four Rwandan boys (3 in WA and 1 in OR) and they were playing together like crazy.  All the moms got together and they are doing a clothes swap for sizes and such so some of the little clothes could be worn by multiple Rwandan boys. The whole picnic group prayed for the Rwandan program and what the future holds for adoptions in that country.

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