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Online resources for family fun

Online Resources for Family Fun

By Angie Lynch Fannon, OTD, OTR/L

Sometimes you don’t have time for set up and clean up, and sometimes you want to be outside.  If that’s the case, the following apps and links may help. Here are a few online resources to put in your summer activity “toolbox.”

 Wendy Mac’s Draw Together

Kids can watch these videos and follow along for lessons in drawing. Wendy Mac includes healthy themes regarding emotions and relationships with others. Find the videos on YouTube. Once the video is set up, your child can do it without your help.

By the way, if you like her stuff, you may want to watch her Ted Talk.

Art Hub for Kids

This site provides a great bank of videos by a dad, and at least one of his children, teaching you (the viewer) to draw popular characters, food, animals, etc.  There is a free and paid version. You can get plenty from the free version. Check out the link, and find the videos on YouTube. Again, this is something your child can do without you, but it could also be a good bonding experience if done together.


Explore your area using the Geocaching app. Find hidden treasures or “geocaches” and leave some for others. This is a great way to get outside as a family. You can use it for free and pay for additional geocache locations if desired. You’ll be surprised how many others leave their initials and prizes inside these “geocaches.” This activity is best done with an adult.


Go on a hike or walk around the neighborhood, and use the Seek app to identify plants. Take a picture of the plant, and the app gives you the name and information about the species. It’s gratifying! Let the kids control the picture-taking and data exploration to engage them in the walk.

All Trails:

This helpful app gives you information on hiking/walking trails in your area. There is a free version that gives you enough information to get started. Have your child use the app, choose the trail, and then follow along (if desired) while hiking to learn more about map reading and usage.

I hope you enjoy these internet resources that foster creativity and exploration!

For more summer fun, check out my previous post, “Summer Play Activities for Kids.” I’m eager to hear your thoughts, and always open to ideas on what you’d like to see in a blog! Email me at to connect.



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