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One Year Ago…

Our Rwanda Adoption Program is up and running, bringing more children home to their forever families!  Here is a blog post from our first family to adopt from Rwanda a year ago.  You can read more about the Braners on their blog.  Also, to find out more about Rwandan adoption, visit the America World website.

Home_with_cici Well, the last few days have been a blur, but Gabby and I are HOME!!!  And it feels so right!

We got the IR3 visa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The one we needed!  We got it at 2:30 on Thursday afternoon and then we headed immediately to the airport!  Gabby did WONDERFULLY on the flights!  I was so proud of her!

Andy and the kids met us in the Tulsa airport and I totally lost it!  It was so good to see my family and to be hugged!  I hadn't realized that for three and a half weeks I hadn't even been touched and I needed this love from all of my family so badly!  What a great surprise!

Baby_cici We're home and it seems like Gabby knows that this is where she is supposed to be!  She is so happy and sleeping so well again.  The kids adore her. . .they actually have something new to fight over!  Hays and Maggie are great to her and they love her so much!  Seeing Andy with her makes me so happy.  He really loves her!  And Dax, our number 3 child, doesn't really care much. . .he is actually keeping his distance!

Thanks for your prayers during our journey. . .not just in Africa, but since the wait for another child began 25 months ago!  I appreciate each of you and I covet your prayers as we raise Gabby to be a Woman of God!


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