One Orphan: What Advocacy means to us

A long time One Orphan team member and leader Mandy Felty was asked to describe advocacy… to speak up for what advocacy has meant to her over the years as she led teams to serve in China and now Uganda. She put together a sweet and succinct reminder for all of us…God is able and we are his hands and feet! We hope you will consider being part of advocacy in action this year. You can check out the many opportunities to serve and advocate here. 


A- Always trusting God. HE knows what is best for these precious children

D- Daring to open our hearts, just for them to be broken

V- Voicing a story for those who cannot tell their own

O- Out of your comfort zone, but it will feel so right

C- Courage to step into whatever role God has called you to. Travel, speaking, writing, adoption….

A- Able. God is able to move mountains, (Matthew 21:21)

C- Changing a story, one child at a time

Y- YES! We don’t have to do the impossible! We only have to say “yes†out of love and obedience to the

     Lord and He will guide all of the details that seem so huge!

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