One Orphan Storyteller China Team Update: Happy Birthday



One of the greatest joys we experience while serving in China is putting on a birthday party for all the children in the orphanage. Recognizing that each child is special, known and loved is one of our biggest goals. And “birthday day”
never disappoints. 


 The party would not have been complete without going to see the children who were not able to walk to the party, due to various disabilities. This photo says so much of the love and compassion of our group and of the staff. We were allowed to take the cake to the children and feed those in beds who may likely never walk or celebrate a birthday. 


We also had the opportunity to celebrate team member Jacob's birthday. He would not want recognition because he is so humble…. but he has made this trip one of the most interesting, inspiring, and uplifting. He has a compassion for the children that is truly unbeatable. He has assessed medical needs, loved babies and listened to stories of so many people this week. Medical professionals are so needed on these trips, we are so thankful he answered the call!



If you are interested in joining a One Orphan Storyteller trip there are many opportunities spanning across four countries. Check out the trip list here. 


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