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One Orphan Storyteller China Team Update: Connections


One of the many things that make our One Orphan Storyteller trips so unique is the intentional relationships formed with caregivers and staff in our partner orphanages. 

On this trip the team brought a few photo albums and updates on children who previously lived at this orphanage. The caregivers were thrilled to see the children at home with their forever families. These beautiful pictures speak volumes about how much the caregivers love these precious kids. They also enjoyed seeing photos of the team members that visited last year. 



One caregiver had this to say about teams and prospective adoptive families: 

“We are so thankful that the teams come because it helps the kids experience Americans, but also because teams go home and tell others about the wonderful kids living here. Last year, over 20 kids were adopted, but so far this year, only 4. We want to see more children in families.”

The current One Orphan Storyteller team is gathering information on many children in our partner orphanage, these updates will be used to provide more detailed information to prospective families. For more information on the China waiting child adoption program email or check out the website. 


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