One Orphan Ethiopia Team Update


Our journey began at 4am Friday morning in Raleigh. We gathered together to pray while surrounded by 19 bags full of donations that we were blessed to collect. We had a great flight to Ethiopia from Washington D.C. where we were able to spend quality time getting to know one another and trying to get some sleep. Once we were in Ethiopia we were able to spend time at America World's Transition Home. God allowed us to play with the children and serve beside an America World adoptive family with a painting projecting. We had a nice evening together.


Today we started our day back at Korah. We arrived at 7:00 a.m. and fed the children a Berta breakfast. Berta is a pancake that is filled with extra nutrients and supplements and is served with a hot tea. This was our last day to see the children at Korah and it was hard to say goodbye to our new friends. It was a joy to serve and spend time with these children.

After the Berta Breakfast, we traveled to a local plant nursery to buy plants and trees for the elders at Korah. While some of the team planted the plants at the compound, others traveled to a local outdoor market to buy chickens for the elders to enjoy. We named the chickens “Sweet” and “Tea” in honor of our North Carolina heritage.

Our final stop at Korah was at the Income Generation building where we enjoyed a traditional coffee service prepared by some of the women. It was a wonderful morning serving the amazing people of Korah.

Schedule changes allowed us an opportunity to learn more about the ministry of our guest house manager, Tsige. Tsige ministers to women in need and provides them with clothing, medical supplies and other items to make them more comfortable during their healing. We were blessed to visit 3 of these women in their homes. Our team agreed that what at first was a frustrating change in plans, turned into a wonderful blessing provided by God.
As we approach the half way point of our trip, please continue to pray for our team. We are tired and weary and we are praying for restful sleep and strength. We continue to be blessed with amazing experiences and are touched by those God has put us in contact with.



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