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One Orphan China Team Update

Our current China team is working hard to provide assessments on the children in our partner orphanage. And as you'll read below they are playing pretty hard too!
Enjoy these comments and insights from the team members.



Today was our first day at the orphanage. Our goal was to mainly build relationships with the board of directors, the nannies, and the children. We started with an adventurous China style shortcut down a tight alley in a bus. It was funny watching our guide try to direct the driver from outside navigating the turns and backups while watching my teammates gasp with each close call as people walked past or motorcycles zoomed by. If the windows on the bus could open, we could easily have touched the building wall.

At the orphange, we were immediately greeted by an older boy with big hugs and handshakes. The directors even treated us to tea as they answered our questions. Meanwhile, the kids squeeled in delight as they saw us from the window and many jumped on us quickly once we entered the room. While some of them were more outgoing, others were reserved but slowly warmed up to us. The day was filled with feeding the kids, jumping with the kids, picture taking, musical toy shaking, and lots of laughter. I am grateful to be able to communicate fairly well with these kids and nannies and had to translate for some of the nannies and team members. As a physical therapist I was also grateful for the opportunity to do some feeding therapy and other motor stretches and therapy with the children.


This is my first time being to an orphanage. My sister Elise was adopted from a similar orphanage when she was one year old, she is my inspiration and the main reason I wanted to come on this trip! Upon first walking into the orphanage we where greeted by one of the older boys, the look on his face immediately wiped away any concerns and fears I might have had, his face had the look of pure joy. After playing with the kids all day today I’m excited to return tomorrow for another day of fun and joy. These kids fill my heart with joy and I can only hope to try to fill this small part of their lives with as much joy. I think that the main thing that stood out was just how much potential all of these kids have if only they where given the chance to shine in their own ways.



I’ve been on mission trips to Central America but never to an orphanage but never to China. “Wow” is the first thing that comes to my mind. Of course the culture is much different than what we as Americans are use to….but….the love is the same! My shirt today says…”Love Needs No Translation” Oh so true! The speaking language may be different…but the smiles are all universal. Happy tears filled my eyes as we first went in the orphanage. We were greeted by one of the kids….an older one…he hugged each of us and had a contagious smile!

We interacted with the matter what or how severe their needs were and I have to say…I think we saw a smile on every child’s face! My heart was fuller than full. One of my favorite verses starts out…”For I know the plans I have for you” Boy God sure got that one right! I had no idea what those plans were…but HE sure did! His plans are wonderful and I am blessed beyond measure. And our team has bonded so much in such a short time. We will all go our separate ways and back into our “normal” lives…..but our bond will be forever! These kids and nannies might be feeling blessed by our visits…but WE are the ones being blessed!



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