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Older Children In Need of Families: Aging out of Adoption

From time to time we have the privilege of advocating for
children who are still in need of a family and a place to call home. As you may
be aware, children must be adopted before they turn 14 in China in order to be
adopted. We recently received several new children’s files and these children
are eager to have a family, but each of them have very limited time before they
will no longer be able to be adopted due to China’s adoption law. Please take a
moment to read through their profiles and consider if God is calling your
family to bring one of these children home.

“Matthew†is a 13.5 year old boy who is still waiting
for his forever family. However, he is about to age out of the adoption
system as he turns 14 at the beginning of July. Due to his age, his family
would already need to have a Log in Date to proceed with the adoption. This adoption would be expedited due to his age.

Matthew is a smart boy. He is currently
attending school where he enjoys learning English and hanging out with his
classmates. He is friendly and outgoing with adults and children
alike. He is a smart boy and often helps his classmates with the homework
assignments that they find too difficult. Matthew is very good about
doing his own homework. He is a self motivated teenager. In his
free time, Matthew enjoys reading comic books and playing sports. His
favorite game to play is ping pong, but he also likes to play Chinese
chess. Matthew has no special needs and is a healthy 13.5 year old boy.

Matthew is also an agency specific referral, so America
World is able to obtain updates and recent photos. Matthew’s referral is
designated by the CCCWA as Special Focus. This allows a family who has returned
home less than 12 months ago to use a copy of their previous dossier. The
Special focus program also allows families currently in process to adopt two
children at once. Families interested in these options should contact the
information given below for more details.

“Isaac†is a thirteen year
old boy, but will be turning 14 and aging out of the adoption system in the
fall of this year. Our staff in China recently visited his orphanage and
spoke with Isaac. He is very eager to have an American family and asked
our staff to help him find his forever family. Isaac is at one of America
World’s partner orphanages, so we are able to obtain updates and recent
photos. His referral is also Special Focus and is open to all families in
various stages of their adoption. 

Isaac is a happy teenager who enjoys
playing with his peers and the younger children. His favorite games are
hide and seek and playing outside. Isaac also enjoys listening to music
and watching cartoons. Isaac is currently studying and can speak some
English. Isaac has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and he tests
positive for Hepatitis B. He has received surgery and physical therapy
for cerebral palsy as well as treatment for Hep B. He recovered well from
all of the treatments and can stand alone as well as walk and climb

Finally, “Elias†is a healthy boy
who just celebrated his twelfth birthday. He is a handsome young man with
a great smile. Elias’s referral has not been designated by the CCCWA as
special focus and his file is open to families who are paper-chasing as well as
LID families. Families who would like to learn more about Elias can
contact us about reviewing his

Any family who wants to learn more about
these adoption opportunities will need to contact us about the referral review and
approval process. America World families can view some photos on the password protected website. If your family is not an AW family, but would like access to our password
protected site, please contact the China
Waiting Children program
staff via email or call 800-429-3369 and our staff
will be able to assist you.        

We are honored to be able to advocate for Matthew,
Isaac and Elias and ask that you please join us in praying for these children
to find their forever family!


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