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Nursing Students Impact on our Special Needs Room


Each summer the nursing school at the University of Virginia sends graduate students to intern at our Transition Home in Ethiopia. This year the two selected students, Shaundreka & Amy, focused mainly on our special needs room, leaving a special mark at the TH and on the children's lives. They incorporated a yoga ball and new exercises into their daily routines and gained special bonds with the children over the weeks. We are thankful for their service and dedication to the kids, and wish them the best in their future endeavors! Before they left, they gave the following statements about the children currently on our Waiting Children’s List:


Lillyanna is a beautiful little girl, who enjoys walks around the transition home and being placed on the exercise ball! She also likes to sit up or stand while getting her hair braided by the nannies. She has an affectionate smile that shines through when she's excited. If provided with the proper therapies (i.e., physical, occupational, and speech), Lillyanna has a lot of potential to succeed physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Freddie loves to smile and laugh! Whenever I would begin massaging his legs, he would begin to sing by opening his mouth and going “Oooh, oooh.” It would make everyone laugh. He is also very ticklish and laughs and laughs when you rub his back just right. I also played music for him and he would turn his head towards the music and listen intently. Freddie is a sweet boy and loves to cuddle in laps. 


Gavin is so funny! He is always smiling and laughing! He loves listening to music, having his arms and legs massaged, and now his favorite thing is to play on the yoga ball! He is very strong and can lift his head while rolling on the ball. Of course, he likes to look around to see who wants his beautiful smile.

To learn more about these children, check out our Waiting Children’s List!

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