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November Monthly Prayer Focus – Andrew

Unfortunately the family that was interested in pursuing Andrew’s adoption is not moving forward with the adoption process. If there were other families interested in his adoption, please contact your Family Coordinator or for the referral review instructions. At this time we will hold his referral until Monday December 1st. If at that time we do not have any family pursuing Andrew’s adoption, we will return his referral.

We are excited to announce that we have an orphanage update and new photos of Andrew. Please contact your Family Coordinator or for the password to view some of Andrew’s photos. The complete referral information and all photos are available to any family who pursues the review process.

Andrew is a boy with an active personality who is 5 ½ years old. While he has protrusion of his eyes, his vision is stated as normal and he enjoys reading. Andrew has a great memory and can recite various children’s folk songs and poems. He enjoys helping his caregivers with different tasks. He loves to run and jump and play outdoors. He also likes cartoons and enjoys listening to and playing music.

We respectfully request for your prayers and advocacy efforts for Andrew during the month of November.


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