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November Ethiopia Referrals

The Ethiopia program is excited to announce the referrals
matched with families in the month of November! Below is a list of these children and the DTE dates of the families. Please keep in mind some of these referrals
may be sibling sets, children with special needs, or older children.

Age and Gender of Child

DTE Date

 1 Female infant


 3 Male infants

11/19/2010, 11/24/2010, 12/3/2010

 1 Female toddler


 1 Female 4-7


 3 Males 4-7 years

3/11/2011, 1/27/2012, 10/12/2012

 1 Female 8-12


 1 Male 8-12


 3 Males 13-15

Paper-chasing, paper-chasing, paper-chasing

Infant age range: Approximately 0-18 months

Toddler age range: Approximately 19-47 months

The wait time for families requesting healthy male or female
children is now 24-30 months from DTE. This
is a change from the wait time shared in our last blog post. The current wait time is based on recent
history and is subject to change.

The length of time it is currently taking for children to
receive their necessary clearances is still the main cause of the increasing
wait times. The clearance process is
intensive and contingent on the governmental bodies in Ethiopia. We will continue to keep families up to date
on the wait time and referrals issued each month.

We are excited for the children
who were referred in November and will soon be with their forever
families. Thank you for your continued
prayers for these children and the country of Ethiopia.


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