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Note from CEO

CEO Blog:

Katie Spencer will be emailing the El Salvador families directly regarding specific updates from my trip; nevertheless, I wanted to send a brief overview of the time spent in San Salvador.  Overall, I had a great trip to El Salvador.  I had the opportunity to meet with OPA, the Procurador’s Office, USAID, and ISNA.  I also had the opportunity to visit an orphanage and bring gifts for the children there.  The staff at the Embassy, including the employees of USAID were very helpful while I was there – I am quite grateful for their service to myself and America World’s families.  Additionally, I was encouraged by the meetings from OPA, ISNA and the Procurador’s Office.  These government entities understand what the current problems are and I believe they sincerely want to see the children in their care find permanent homes.  America World is committed to making more trips to El Salvador and continuing to follow-up on the meetings I’ve had this past week.  I’m ending my trip with a day and a half in Honduras where we’ve also seen encouraging steps toward a working relationship with their government.  Please continue to pray for the leaders of both these countries – and join me in prayer for the children in need of parents.

Brian Luwis,  CEO


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