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Note From CEO

I’m writing this blog to update you on a few things to pray for.  First, I’ll be traveling to China from June 19th through the 25th.  I’ll be meeting with our staff there and I have a meeting scheduled with the CCAA.  I’m looking forward to this trip and seeing the friends and colleagues I have in China.  Please pray that this is a productive time and a time in which America World’s China Program can continue to improve.

I will be returning to El Salvador in early July with the intention of following-up on the trips that I was able to make earlier this summer.  I ask for your prayers that we can find solutions for the problems that are keeping Salvadorian children apart from families.

Finally, let’s all continue to lift up the Chapman family after the loss of their youngest daughter.  Let’s especially pray for them to experience understanding, faithfulness and joyful remembrance. 

This coming week I will be on vacation with my family and will not post a blog.  I will continue to work on various America World projects.

Thank you to all of you who faithfully pray on behalf of our agency’s work.  It is a joy and privilege to partner with you all in this effort.

– Brian Luwis, CEO


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