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Newell Family Adoption

It’s been almost one year since we adopted Molly, and she is a pure joy. She is caring, kind, smart and thoughtful. She has quickly picked up our language and talks faster than I can, although she always could get her needs met, even before she could speak English.

Newell 1 

She has adapted quickly to our family and seems so content.  All of her siblings have been amazing with her. The true gift is that God has provided a sibling love among them that can only come from Him. Also, we see the same in her grandparents and other extended family! She has received surgery on May 13th of this year. We are blessed to be living 20 minutes from the hospital and to have one of the best Neurosurgeon’s group that does the most of her type of surgery in the whole country. There have been countless miracles and evidences of God’s hand in bringing Molly to us. Our family has been very blessed by her.

She has just entered the 1st grade at our local public school.  She is so bright and very eager to learn.  She is an absolute delight in the classroom and her teachers and fellow students love her.  She is pure joy and we are so very thankful that she is part of our family.  We can't imagine ever not having her in our arms.  We are truly blessed.
Mike and Heidi Newell


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