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New on the Website: Waiting Children

We are so excited to announce a brand new webpage for our Waiting Children Programs! It is our privilege to advocate for children who have special needs as well as older orphans, and today we are making it technologically easier with the official launch of this new site. 

Screenshot 2014-05-12 16.27.07

From the Waiting Children homepage, you can view the available programs and read a brief description of each one. Click on a country to read more about the adoption process. To view the children's profiles, you will need to request the password. Use the “Request Password for Access” tab and it will be sent to your email. This password has changed from the old site, so each first-time visitor will need to request it. Once you have the password, click “View Child Profiles” to see the waiting children. If you have already requested the password but forgot it, please email your family coordinator as a second password email will not be sent through our system. 

You can view full-size pictures by clicking the camera icon to the right. Some children also have videos available (if the video icon is not shaded). We have seen some inconsistencies between browsers on video playback and are looking into this. 

Screenshot 2014-05-12 16.31.31

A new feature on these pages is the search function. You can search by country, gender, age range, status, and as an advanced search function, by special need (click plus sign to expand as pictured above). There is an email address and phone number on each child's profile to inquire about adoption. We encourage you to be open to these children as you search and read about each one – our desire is that each and every child will be matched with a forever family!

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