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New Executive Assistant to the CEO

I am excited to introduce Mary Noble to you.  Mary joined the America World staff earlier this week as my Executive Assistant.  Even in her short time here, she has already begun to develop our Orphan Hosting Program.  Please read below as she shares more about herself and her heart for orphans.


I want to take a moment to introduce myself as the new Executive Assistant for Brian Luwis.  First of all I want to share with you that I am glad for the opportunity to continue serving orphans while living in my home area of Washington DC.  Growing up I knew I that wanted to be a social worker for children at risk.  With that goal in mind, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and started working in the field.  Later on, I completed a certificate of ministry from Messiah Biblical University and a master’s degree in Human Services Counseling from Regent University to better serve the children I worked with in foster care. 

In the mid-1990’s God placed the needs of orphaned children from the former Soviet Union on my heart and mind.  In 2008, I finally had the chance to live and serve in Russia.  Over the past two years, I worked with orphans in St. Petersburg, Russia, mainly helping older youth who were transitioning out of the orphanage system.  In addition, I conducted outreaches to orphanages in the area providing humanitarian aid, teaching English and organizing recreation.  Living and serving orphans overseas opened my eyes and heart to the global needs of children in crisis.  I feel God has placed a call on my life to look after the orphans in distress. 

It is my hope that with the development of an orphan hosting program, more children will find their forever families.  If you are interested in becoming a future host family please contact me at


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