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New America World Program: “Adoption Coaching & Teaching” (ACT)


America World is excited to introduce a new program, Adoption Coaching and Training, or ACT. The purpose of this program is to expand support options for our families as they parent children from hard places.

This program provides a multi-faceted approach to serve our adoptive families through training courses, support groups, and individualized coaching. The sessions occur via video-conferencing or telephone, and can usually be scheduled around the family’s routine and needs. While we always encourage families to seek local, face-to-face adoption-competent professional therapy and training, we recognize that this not always accessible because of distance, cost, or scheduling.

Our hope is that ACT will fill in a service gap by providing families with coaching and education that will help bring greater healing, joy, and success to their adoption journey. See our ACT webpage for more information.


5 Week Educational Support Group:
Reviewing and Implementing Successful Adoptive Parenting Strategies

Do you feel as if you need a little extra support in your adoption parenting? Do you need to revisit the parenting strategies you learned in training before your adoption was complete? Do you want to be a part of a supportive group of other parents in the same boat? Then grab your coffee or lunch and join us through video conference from your home or office for a 5 week educational support group for parents of toddlers and preschoolers who have been home at least six months.

Here are some details about this group:

  • This group will be offered via GoToMeeting video conference which you can access through your webcam-equipped computer, tablet, or smart phone, from your home or office. 
  • The group is limited to 5 participants so we can create a supportive and intimate environment, but we must have at least 4 participants.
  • The cost is $125 for the entire 5 weeks.
  • The group will be at noon on Fridays, from April 7, 2017 – May 5, and will last about an hour.
  • Samantha Fuhrman, ACT coach and AWAA-New York Director of Social Services, will be leading the group.
  • There will be approximately 15 minutes of focused education and reminders about adoptive parenting attachment, discipline, and creating success, and then another 30-45 minutes of group discussion, sharing, and support.
  • Commitment and payment due by March 31.

Check out the ACT website or more information on all the services this program offers.

For more information on the group or coaching in general, email, or call Amber Lewis at 800-429-3369, ext. 162.

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