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New Adoption Resource Page: Adopting an HIV Child

“Elizabeth” is a beautiful and sweet girl with warm brown eyes and short dark hair. She is described by her caregivers as having good manners and a great attitude. She loves socializing with her friends and is a good student.

“Elizabeth” lives in India. She needs a family. “Elizabeth” is HIV+.

There are tens-of-thousands of children like “Elizabeth” who are otherwise healthy and ready to be adopted, but HIV keeps many families from considering them for adoption.

America World, seeing a great need for families, has created a new resource page for HIV adoption. Dr. Patrick Van Winkle, an America World Medical Consultant, has contributed much to this resource page with the purpose to educate families who may be open to HIV adoption. Dr. Van Winkle is a Pediatrician and also an America World adoptive dad who has a great deal of experience in raising an adopted child with HIV.

In March, Dr. Van Winkle joined us for a webinar entitled, “Adoption of Children with HIV”. This pre-recorded webinar audio is available on our HIV+ Adoption page, with lots of great insight from Dr. Van Winkle.

Typically, the children diagnosed with HIV are in our Haiti and India programs. We would ask that you take a moment to visit our HIV+ adoption page and share with friends who may be considering adoption. You may just find that HIV is not what you think it is when it comes to growing your family with a child that is HIV+.


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