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Contagious: How One Girl Changed Everything


Stories connect us to each other. They reach across the oceans and speak into our hearts. Today we want to share a special story about Diane, the girl with contagious joy.


Diane is so dear to my heart. My daughter Ginny has sponsored her since Love without Boundaries opened the Believe in Me school that Diane attends.  

She is a treasure, and if our family situation were different she would be OUR treasure. But the Lord brings different things in different seasons, and this is my season of advocacy.

Before meeting Diane, I was afraid. Adopting a child with Down Syndrome was once way outside my comfort zone.  After meeting Diane, it seems like the best idea in the world.  My own son, who is from the same orphanage as Diane, taught me that children are not defined by their special needs.  His special needs are such a small part of who he is. I should have known better, but it took one amazing, smart, intuitive child with Down Syndrome to make the truth finally stick to my heart.  

She destroyed every preconceived notion I had about Down Syndrome.  

I met Diane in October 2015.  She was the first child to grab us, pull us into the LWB classroom, and start to show us around.  Diane loves school, loves her teacher, and helped me examine her workbooks.  She is learning to read and write and count and add.  Her teacher was so proud of her, telling us about how hard Diane works, how she takes care of her own needs and helps with other children, how she can recite and dance.  Diane quickly showed us her dancing skills and recited some poems.  She is a leader among the girls in the classroom, and when Diane does something, everyone joins in, because her enthusiasm is contagious.  

Diane LOVED craft time. She made bead bracelets, folded origami, colored pictures, and painted her own fingernails and everyone else’s (both hands!  I can't even do that myself…).  During every activity, Diane looked around.  If someone didn't get enough stickers, she brought some over.  If a child in a wheelchair dropped her beads, Diane picked them up.   If one of the girls didn't catch on, Diane helped her.  She is so observant and caring, it took my breath away.  

Most of all, Diane loves singing and dancing.  She found a way to communicate with me about what song we should sing by making the hand motions that accompany with the song.  

At the end of our week, right after the big birthday party… we get the change to celebrate EVERY child… God used Diane to whisk me away to a room with children who didn't get to attend the party.  

Looking back, I can see that she was waiting and watching for her chance, because as soon as I handed the baby I was holding to my daughter, Diane grabbed me, and she and her friends whisked me away.  

She had enjoyed the party very much…

but she remembered her friends who weren't there

and took action to make their day special.  

We have much more to share about the kind, tender-hearted Diane. Stick with us for part 2 of the story. For now, please pray and share as we begin to advocate for a girl who has seen others and given so much. 

Qing Xiao Chun Updated Photo


We will have many children with Down Syndrome coming in 2016.

If Diane's story is speaking to you please inquire at

As a recent team member stated:

You don't want to miss out on being Diane's Mom and Dad. I promise.

Mission team members are available to speak with prospective adoptive families.


Special Thanks to Maria for sharing this amazing story with us.



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