Bracelets for Orphanages

Kim Laube, our Director of Social Services in Iowa, shared this neat project her kids came up with. Feel free to contact her if you'd like to get involved!

My children and I are working on a project. It all started while we discussed with the kids where they should give 10% of their income (allowance) from 2013. There were many ideas, but we decided to make this a “bigger project”. The kids would like to send a rainbow loom bracelet to each of the children in the orphanages in Haiti. An ACT Missions team will be headed down in February where a couple of the orphanages will be assisted with projects. The goal is to have a gift for the children to help open them up to interaction between them and the team of workers that will be arriving to help. The bracelets are light and relatively cheap to mail or send along with the team. And, they are very popular!

Here is where we could use your help. Many of you will have children sitting around not doing much over their Christmas break. How about making a few bracelets and sending them to us? If you are not crafty but would still like to help out, the supplies for this project are going to exceed the 10% of my children's yearly allowance. A bag of the bands is usually $3.99. If you want to send us a bag of bands we would certainly think that was a big help. Email me if you'd like more information. Please share this post with others. Let's get these crafty kids working on this project over Christmas break! Thanks for your help!

-Kim Laube    


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