Movie Review: “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”


The staff and clients of America World were extended an invitation to pre-screen the film “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” coming to theaters later this summer. We had a fun evening on Tuesday watching the movie together. 

The movie follows the story of Jim and Cindy Green, a couple who has given up their hope of having a biological child. One night they channel their dreams into written notes about what their son would've been like, and bury them in the garden. To their surprise, a child named Timothy appears that night and they soon learn that he has all the characteristics they hoped for. Jim and Cindy navigate the challenges of parenting as the entire community is affected by their magical boy. 

Both literally and metaphorically, the movie touched on adoption themes quite poignantly. Cindy deals with her sister making comments such as, “I thought you were going to have one of your own,” to which she replies that he felt like their own since the moment she first saw him. Timothy's unique arrival and physical differences leave him as a target to bullies, so they face the difficult task of helping him to fit in and be accepted. Jim and Cindy have to reconcile their disappointment when parenting isn't all they had hoped it to be. 

While the movie didn't accurately portray the actual process of adoption, it carried a rich message about family and the worthwhile challenges of integrating a new child into a family and community. I received feedback from adoptive parents that said it did a great job of portraying the range of emotions that are felt throughout the adoption process. I would recommend “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” for an entertaining and profitable family movie night when it is released in August. 

-Jillian Bashore, Marketing & PR Administrator

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