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Mother's Day: Advocating for "Weston" Who Will Soon Age Out

Mother’s Day: Advocating for “Weston” Who Will Soon Age Out

In this Mother's Day post, we wanted to focus on “Weston”, a 13-year old boy in China who will be too old to be adopted on his 14th birthday–just a couple of months from now. “Weston” has repeatedly told America World staff that he wants a family of his own in the U.S. just like many of his friends already have. “Weston's” wish on this Mother's Day weekend is…a mother.

Please share this post with as many as you can & pray that “Weston's” wish will come true before it is too late.

In the video below, our China Program Director, Leah Rockey, and her daughter, Brielle, share information about “Weston”. Please take a moment to watch, pray and share.


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