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Monthly Prayer Focus

Dear Families,

Thank you for your prayers for Madeline during the month of March.  Madeline celebrated her 10th birthday during her time as our Prayer Focus.  She is also currently under review by a family!  Please continue to pray for Madeline and the family reviewing her.  We trust that God will grant discernment and direction to the family through our joined prayers! 

The focus of our prayer for the month of May is Noah.  Noah is also a child currently available for review on the Waiting Children list.  Noah is an energetic 2 year-old boy who has a condition where his eyes are smaller than normal.  Noah can see out of his left eye and can point to his ears, nose, mouth, hands, and eyes when asked. He is extroverted and always has a ready smile. Noah loves to be held and is fond of listening to music.  His favorite food is bananas and his favorite toys to play with are his blocks.

We ask that you join us in praying for Noah over the month of May.  We trust that our united prayers for him and for families considering reviewing his information will be pleasing and powerful!  Thank you for your commitment to being intercessors on behalf of Noah and all waiting children!


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